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7 Keys to Lasting Love (& Attracting a Healthy Relationship) | Lewis Howes

7 Keys to Lasting Love (& Attracting a Healthy Relationship) | Lewis Howes

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12 Februari 2024

As you may have heard me share on the show, when it comes to romantic relationships I’ve had to learn some hard lessons and have had to do a lot of healing work on myself. I’m far from perfect, but I have been curious, committed and hungry to understand what makes certain relationships succeed.  And now I have something I have never experienced before in any relationship. Peace and Harmony.  So, whether you're in a relationship or on the journey to find that special someone, we've got a powerful episode for you today. We're discussing the "7 Keys To Lasting Love." This episode is for those who are willing to do the work, to take a hard look at your patterns, to define your own worthiness and to adopt a mindset of Greatness when it comes to your romantic relationships.  In this episode you will learn The importance of effective communication in relationships, including mastering the art of listening, and how it serves as the foundation for lasting love. The transformative power of vulnerability, how it fosters intimacy and trust, and why it's crucial to show up and be seen in your relationships. The significance of showing respect and setting boundaries, how to communicate your needs clearly, and the role of boundaries in fostering healthy relationships. The value of showing appreciation and understanding your partner's love language, and how recognizing and fulfilling each other's emotional needs strengthens your bond. The importance of growth and adaptability in relationships, embracing change, and supporting each other's journeys towards becoming the best versions of yourselves. For more information go to For more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960 More SOLO episodes from Lewis we think you’ll love: The Dangers of the Good Life – Crush Self-Doubt – Lead with Love & Manifest Your Perfect Relationship –


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