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89. What is the most ‘normal’ country in the world? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

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89. What is the most ‘normal’ country in the world? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

26 Juli 2021

Over the last year and a half, the way people live, work, socialise, and much more, has completely changed. While we are beginning to return to normal in some ways, it is also possible that we will never return to the way things were before the pandemic. So, in this episode, let’s look at which country is currently the most ‘normal’ in the world? TRANSCRIPT - You may also like... 84. Where is the Best Place to Live?: the Most ‘Liveable’ City 2021 (English Vocabulary Lesson) 74. Is Taiwan the Most Dangerous Place in the World? (English Vocabulary Lesson) 61. What is the Happiest Country in the World?: 2021 World Happiness Report (English Vocabulary Lesson) 40. What is the Most Expensive City in the World? (English Vocabulary Lesson) CONTACT US!! INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast ( Blog - Gmail - Vocabulary List Accustomed (adj) - familiar with something She quickly became accustomed to his strange sleeping pattern To invest in (v) - to put money, effort, time, etc. into something in order to improve it or get an advantage My favourite restaurant invested in iPads to make ordering easier Viable (adj) - able to work as intended or able to succeed With government restrictions, it is no longer viable to hold our event Extent (n) - amount We don’t know the extent of his injuries Normalcy (n) - the state of being normal (also said as normality) Now that the war is over, perhaps our region will return to normalcy Indicator (n) - something that shows what a situation is like Increasing sales is an indicator that the food industry is recovering congested (adj) - too much traffic and movement is difficult The roads are always congested on national holidays Conversely (adv) - in an opposite way Children from rich areas are encouraged to go to university. Conversely, children from poor areas don’t have as many opportunities Controversy (n) - a lot of disagreement or argument about something, usually because it affects or is important to many people There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Tokyo Olympics


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