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Cowy's AI friend. Part 4

Cowy's AI friend. Part 4

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8 Juli 2023

In this episode of 'Stories for Kids' Cowy learns that technology like AI can be a helpful tool, but it can't be a real friend. At the ice cream truck friends find out more about limitations of technology like AI. The important thing to remember is when to use technology like AI and when it's better to do things on your own or with friends. Listen to all 4 parts 🎧: Cowy's AI Friend. Part 1 Cowy's AI Friend. Part 2 Cowy's AI Friend. Part 3 ☀️ Parents, Inside the Lingokids app, we have 1,200+ fun, interactive activities, games, songs, and videos to help kids learn academics and modern life skills in today’s world. It’s free to try.


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