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Rerun: Ep7 Can Investors Effect Social Change?

25 Menit

Rerun: Ep7 Can Investors Effect Social Change?

10 Juli 2024

This summer break, we'll be taking a pause from uploading new episodes. However, Jules and Jonathan have handpicked some favorite past episodes for new listeners to enjoy and subscribers to revisit! How can investors play a part in accomplishing social change? In this episode of All Else Equal: Making Better Decisions, hosts Jules van Binsbergen and Jonathan Berk explore what strategies are available to the social-minded investor. When it comes to what’s good for business and what’s good for society, van Binsbergen says, “People really would like to have it both ways.” But as he and Berk explain, it is unlikely that they can. The Impact of Impact Investing working paper referenced in this episode. Read more about the pitfalls and promises of ESG on Stanford GSB's website. Submit your questions to the show here: Find All Else Equal on the web: All Else Equal: Making Better Decisions Podcast is a production of Stanford Graduate School of Business and is produced by University FM. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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