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No Clear Evidence Low Serotonin Levels Cause Depression Ep 560

15 Menit

No Clear Evidence Low Serotonin Levels Cause Depression Ep 560

1 Agustus 2022

Today our English listening practice topic is about depression, anti-depressants and serotonin. A recent research paper says serotonin has little or nothing to do with depression! So wait a minute, the primary treatment we have to help people with depression targets serotonin,  and serotonin has little or nothing to do with depression. How could we  possibly take so long to discover something this fundamental? With so  many people taking these pills, there is a lot to talk about. ✔Lesson transcript: English Listening Practice: Serotonin Imbalance Does Not Cause Depression Anti-depression  medication affects the people who take it. Otherwise, why prescribe the  drugs to so many people and for such long periods of time? People will  tell you that anti-depressant pills have helped them, but whatever is  going on medically is now being questioned by some heavyweight medical  research from University College London. Of course, this ignores the  elephant in the room, and that is the side effects of taking this type  of mind-altering drug over long periods of time. English Pronunciation Course Discount Code = HALFOFF Listen & Learn English Consonants Pronunciation Course: When I say a lot of people take these pills, I mean millions of people in Britain alone! The Lancet published data from NHS Digital showing that 70.9 million prescriptions  for antidepressants were given out in England in 2018, compared with 36  million in 2008. No wonder the anti-depression pill market is booming. The global antidepressant drugs market in 2020 had a value of 15.6 Billion USD and they project it will reach 21 Billion USD by 2030. It’s a substantial business if you are one of the 5 major players that dominates this market. Since I was 16, I've felt a black cloud hangs over me. Since then, I have taken pills for depression. Now  tell me that this English listening lesson isn’t engaging! We want you  to want to listen to the content, to make it worth the struggle to  understand the English vocabulary. It’s this type of value content you  will find in all our English lessons. Learn English through listening, it’s a better way to learn to speak English fluently.


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