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Are IV drips in your vacation package?

14 Menit

Are IV drips in your vacation package?

14 Mei 2024

IV drips are becoming a more common thing for vacationers and spa enthusiasts everywhere: from Hawaii to Dubai. Some might want them to fix hangovers, others might just want the rush of vitamins in the system, but how did this industry take off and where can you get a drip? Plus: Gamestop stock soars again and GPT-4o is here (and scary fast).  Join our hosts Jon Weigell and Sara Friedman, as they take you through our most interesting stories of the day. Get HubSpot's Free AI-Powered Sales Hub: enhance support, retention, and revenue all in one place Follow us on social media: TikTok:  Instagram:  Thank You For Listening to The Hustle Daily Show. Don’t forget to hit Subscribe or Follow us on Apple Podcasts so you never miss an episode! If you want this news delivered to your inbox, join millions of others and sign up for The Hustle Daily newsletter, here:  Plus! Your engagement matters to us. If you are a fan of the show, be sure to leave us a 5-Star Review on Apple Podcasts (and share your favorite episodes with your friends, clients, and colleagues).


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