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S1 : E15 The Captain Marvel Review: Part 2 Of A Infinity Saga Review Series

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S1 : E15 The Captain Marvel Review: Part 2 Of A Infinity Saga Review Series

4 Juni 2021

This is another episode of The MCU'S Bleeding Edge Podcast that we just did recently with another MCU podcast/ Youtube Channel called Podcast Of Champions. We are joined by Arch and Taylor from Podcast Of Champions and have the full squad with myself( Jeff Sloboda), Cyberneticshark, and Perry Ramsey, co-hosting as usual. We are diving into a somewhat touchy subject with some Marvel Studios fans, a review of Captain Marvel released in 2019 and directed by Anna Boded and Ryan Fleck, who also wrote the script. The film stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers with pretty solid appearances from Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn. We get to see the Skrulls for the first time and they are very well done in the movie, as well as the Kree, two alien races at war. We have some really diverse opinions on Captain Marvel and Brie Larsons performance in the film overall, and as usual its a fun and loose show that is focused on covering the MCU. We break the film down, cover some Rotten Tomatoes reviews, and delve into the What If Disney Plus Series, which is upcoming and produced of course by Marvel Studios. We all at the MCU'S Bleeding Edge really appreciate having the guys from Podcast Of Champions join us on this series and our next livestream/ podcast/ show is set to start at 6:05PM Eastern on Saturday June 5th, reviewing Iron Man 1 for the first time with Taylor and The Grandmaster from Podcast Of Champions, along with a new guest on the program, Yvonne Rempel.  --- Send in a voice message:


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