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The Best Of 2023: Part One

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The Best Of 2023: Part One

25 Desember 2023

It's time to reflect. Share gratitude. And indulge in tradition. Each year we close things out with our ‘Best Of’ series, a 2-part compilation of the most enlightening excerpts from the previous 12 months of the show. 2023 was packed with an astonishing array of guests—we learned from scientists and doctors conducting cutting-edge research in the fields of nutrition, longevity, and disease prevention. Artists and actors showed us the power of living a creative life. Athletes reported back from the outer edges of human capability. And individuals who experienced phoenix-like transformations gave us actionable advice on what it takes to truly change your life wholesale. For our devoted podcast fans, think of these next two episodes as a recap, a way to remind yourself of the most impactful lessons from your favorite guests. And for those newer to the show, may this episode entice you to mine through the catalog and dial-up conversations you may have missed or skipped. I believe in the power we all have to do, be, and live better. To step into our best, most authentic selves. And in turn, contribute positively to a greater world. May this episode inspire you to believe the same. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: BetterHelp: AG1: Athletic Brewing: Inside Tracker: Birch Living: On: Peace + Plants, Rich


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