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The Power of Connection with Jolie Hunt

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The Power of Connection with Jolie Hunt

2 Maret 2021

This week kicks off a few new upcoming episodes spotlighting Founders and CEOs of independent agencies in the marketing/comms world.  First up, the formidable Jolie Hunt, Founder and CEO of Hunt & Gather. Hunt & Gather is a marketing and communications agency with a special ability to connect influential people and brands through all sorts of experiences - from analog to digital. Jolie shares how she started building relationships both in life and her career, including how selling cars at fifteen honed her ability to listen for the details and make personal connections - skills for which her business has become known. This episode has many simple gems to consider when building community and lasting relationships.  Also, we're back with the fourth segment of our four-part series on making attention actionable with our partners at Yieldmo, and share a few thoughts on media formats that we're currently interested in and thinking about.  Happy 4 Year Anniversary, Adlandia!  Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.


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