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A Web3 Primer with Jarrod Dicker

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A Web3 Primer with Jarrod Dicker

28 Desember 2021

Jarrod Dicker, the former Commercial VP of Washington Post and CEO of, is back on Adlandia in his new role as General Partner at TCG (The Chernin Group).   Jarrod talks through the fundamentals of Web3, if and where brands should be hopping in, who on the client-side should be leading the charge, and his thoughts on legacy media co-existing with on-chain up-and-comers.      We also jam on why early content marketing signaled the current state of advertising and marketing, and the future of membership and community.  If anyone understands the intersection of legacy media and Web3 it’s Jarrod - this one’s not to be missed.  Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.


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