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(EN/ID) #WMR EP 18: Trivia and Closing Mark from @MisterY49 • #WeeklyMidnightRadio

(EN/ID) #WMR EP 18: Trivia and Closing Mark from @MisterY49 • #WeeklyMidnightRadio

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25 September 2023

📬 You can also reach me through this page: --- Weekly Midnight Radio is a program aired every Saturday, 9 PM to 12 AM (GMT+7), on This program consists of four segments. In the beginning, Adli will present a recap of games that he played last week (or from the previous WMR program). Then in segments 02 to 04, there will be a guest star, and the purpose is to introduce/get to know more about this guest star. In this episode, the guest star is MisterY49. --- No copyright infringement intended. All media shown/played in this video is intended for sharing information/knowledge/awareness only. --- If you find this content interesting, please consider donating to me through these platforms: Saweria: QRIS (for Indonesian, Singaporean, Thais): Ko-Fi: Throne: --- To see the list of donations that I have received until now, you can click this link: --- You could also listen to this podcast on: Spotify, Google Podcast, NOICE, Amazon Podcast/Amazon Music, YouTube Podcast, Castbox, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, or through RSS feed. Click this link to find out more: --- English Caption (on Twitch) was created automatically using the OBS Plugin entitled Closed Captioning via Google Speech Recognition by RatWithACompiler. --- #TwitchStreamer #Indonesian #VarietyStreamer #Gaming #English #Indonesia #Cozy #SoutheastAsian #Asian #Chill #Casual #Comfy #Calm #WeeklyMidnightRadio #Radio #GuestStar #Streamer #IndonesianStreamer --- Send in a voice message:


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