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S1 : E17 The Loki Episode 1 Review On The MCU'S Bleeding Edge

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S1 : E17 The Loki Episode 1 Review On The MCU'S Bleeding Edge

12 Juni 2021

We are of course The MCU'S Bleeding Edge, a marvel studios/ marvel cinematic universe focused Podcast/ Youtube Channel/ Livestream, and we are as always co-hosted by Perry Ramsey, Cyberneticshark, and Jeff Sloboda. We are joined on this our 18th episode by Arch, a returning guest and friend of the program, who comes from Podcast Of Champions/ We cover the entire first episode of the Loki Disney Plus Series produced by marvel studios, watch some Loki Trailers, react to them, talk some general MCU to connect to the show, and basically have a great time like we always do. There is just a little bit of a mechanical issue later on in the show and we rectified it rather quickly. We at The MCU'S Bleeding Edge want to thank all our supporters, our families, and other MCU content creators like Brett Scott, Arch, The Grandmaster, Taylor, and creators in general in Frankie and Wise, for supporting all of our MCU content, wish you all the best guys. HNhUlhwrk50XztrnaR7e --- Send in a voice message:


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