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Aliza Sherman // 390

47 Menit

Aliza Sherman // 390

20 Maret 2024

In March of 2013, a 53-year-old nurse was stabbed to death by a hooded figure in broad daylight outside of her lawyer’s office in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. With the help of the attack and flee caught on multiple surveillance cameras, an intense investigation began to hunt down the culprit of her brutal murder. This is the story of Aliza Sherman. BONUS EPISODES Apple Subscriptions: Patreon: CASE SOURCES 1. Find A Grave: 2. Cleveland Clinic: 3. Justice for Aliza Facebook group: 4. Cleveland Jewish News: 5. The Cincinnati Enquirer: 6. Court TV: 7. News 5 Cleveland: 8. Cleveland 19: 9. Cleveland Jewish News: 10. WKYC: 11. NBC: 12. Reddit: 13. Cleveland Magazine: 14. WKYC: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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