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E236: Doctor & Therapist To The Worlds Superstars: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus & Bella Hadid!: Dr Amen

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6 April 2023

There is a war going on and the battle is for your brain health. According to Dr Daniel Amen, whether it is food that will kill you, news that will stress you or gadgets that will drain your dopamine and attention, so much of the modern world is dangerous for your brain health. Having scanned and examined over 200,000 brains, Dr Daniel Amen’s mission is to change the way people see mental health as isolated from brain health, and instead reimagine it so that people realise that if your brain healthy your mind will follow. In this life changing conversation Dr Daniel Amen discusses how he revolutionised the field of psychology, discovered the power of brain scans and being the psychiatrist to the stars. In the episode Dr Amen outlines everything you need to know to ensure that you have the healthiest brain, and therefore the healthiest and happiest mind possible. Topics: What's your mission? Why your brain health & function matters How to keep your brain healthy Why we don't make the right decisions You're not stuck with the brain you have Psychological traumas Why is caffeine bad? What is damaging our brains? Why testosterone has dropped 50% PCOS & menopause effects How to stop your sleeping problems The different type of brains & relationships compatibility Last guest’s question Dr Amen: Instagram: Dr Amen’s book: The conversation cards: ⁠⁠⁠ Watch the episodes on Youtube - Follow:  Instagram: ⁠ Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: ⁠ Sponsors:  Airbnb: ⁠⁠  Huel: ⁠⁠  Bluejeans: ⁠


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