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Costco hikes membership fees

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Costco hikes membership fees

11 Juli 2024

Costco (COST) reports a 7.4% rise in June net sales, hikes membership fees. (00:29) HubSpot (HUBS) sinks after report Google shelved acquisition plans. (01:30) NBA sets up deals with NBC, Amazon, ESPN — but TNT can still match: Athletic. (02:20) Episode transcripts Show links:  Biggest stock movers today: COST, AA, and more Microsoft dodges EU antitrust probe with €20M settlement - report Electric stuff: Tesla's business that may have more promise than autos, robots, or FSD Samsung unveils slate of new AI-powered Galaxy devices Update on UBS ‘Global top list’ of stocks Sign up for our daily newsletter here and for full access to analyst ratings, stock quant scores, dividend grades, subscribe to Seeking Alpha Premium at


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