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FX's Shogun Takes A New Approach To An Old Story

12 Menit

FX's Shogun Takes A New Approach To An Old Story

8 Maret 2024

When Shogun, James Clavell's best selling novel was adapted into a powerhouse NBC miniseries in 1980. The hero of the story was Englishman John Blackthorne. The people he met when he landed in Japan in search of riches, are viewed and portrayed as primitive. In the 2024 Shogun adaptation the Japanese characters are fully formed. The series elevates the stories of the Japanese characters as much as it does Blackthorne's. That was a deliberate decision on the part of Shogun co-creators Rachel Kondo and Justin Marks. In the 1980 version of Shogun, Japan, its culture and its people were portrayed as foreign and remote. What do we lose when stories are only told from one point of view? And what can be gained when we widen the lens? For sponsor-free episodes of Consider This, sign up for Consider This+ via Apple Podcasts or at Email us at Learn more about sponsor message choices: NPR Privacy Policy


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