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Lemonilo: A Community-First Approach to Building a Consumer Brand

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11 Maret 2022

Instant noodles may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of healthy food, but Indonesian startup Lemonilo is disrupting the country’s consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry by offering a healthier version of Indonesia's favourite instant meal. The company is building relationships with communities to educate them on the importance of healthy living, while leveraging technology to get healthy snacks into the hands of consumers quickly. On this episode of Moonshot, Lemonilo's Co-Founder and CTO Johannes Ardiant chats with Rohit Agarwal, a principal at Sequoia India and Southeast Asia about the need to take a community-first approach when building a consumer brand,  how Lemonilo is getting its products to market quickly, and why startup founders should pick the right problem before focusing on a solution.   Show Notes: Offer a new solution to an old problem (04:05) Pick the right problem and validate it (6:45) Don’t forget what it takes to build your MVP (10:58) Lemonilo’s growth strategy: Leverage communities and remain agile (18:18) Grow brand loyalty by listening to your customers (20:58) Leverage tech to shorten your supply chain (23:45) Get your product to market quickly (28:40) Bring tech and communities together to create social impact (31:05) Not all problems can be solved by technology (34:45) Ask the right questions (38:25)


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