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Ep32 “Labor Unions and Detroit Struggle” with Larry Katz

Ep32 “Labor Unions and Detroit Struggle” with Larry Katz

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5 Oktober 2023

With recent strikes making big news, what are the complexities at hand when Unions become involved in the labor force? Some are well known but other effects, both good and bad, have been less obvious. Exact data can be hard to discern, but In this episode of All Else Equal: Making Better Decisions, hosts and finance professors Jonathan Berk and Jules van Binsbergen talk with Larry Katz of Harvard University about how labor unions have functioned in the past, the current union landscape with an ongoing UAW strike in Detroit, and what impacts and changes they think will happen in the future as technology disrupts labor markets in different ways.  Submit your questions to the show here: Find All Else Equal on the web: All Else Equal: Making Better Decisions Podcast is a production of Stanford Graduate School of Business and is produced by University FM. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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