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#160 - Deliver Better Results: How to Level Up Your Value Delivery System - Gil Broza

#160 - Deliver Better Results: How to Level Up Your Value Delivery System - Gil Broza

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29 Januari 2024

“If we want to deliver better results, we need to change the system and our way of working." Gil Broza is an Agile leadership expert and the author of the latest book “Deliver Better Results”. In this episode, Gil discusses ways to level up our value delivery system to deliver better results. We first delve into the fundamental concept of systems thinking and cause-effect relationships, which are exemplified by reinforcing and balancing loops. Gil also explains the importance of ways of working, particularly on shifting mindset and focusing on people first before the process. Gil then explains the SQUARE Model detailed in his book, and how the model helps us understand and assess our system’s fitness for purpose easily. He also shares some of the 10 strategies from his book that we can use to enhance our fitness level and deliver better results.   Listen out for: Career Journey - [03:43] Deliver Better Results - [06:25] Systems Thinking - [11:15] Reinforcing & Balancing Loop - [14:15] Ways of Working - [16:24] Mindset: Values, Beliefs, Principles - [19:08] People First vs Process First - [23:22] SQUARE Model - [27:08] What Matters Most - [34:36] Clear Decision Making - [40:48] How to Get Started - [45:58] The Danger of Metrics - [47:07] 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [50:52] _____ Gil Broza’s Bio Gil Broza specializes in helping tech leaders deliver far better results by upgrading their Agile ways of working. He also supports their non-software colleagues in creating real business agility in their teams. Gil has helped over 100 organizations achieve real, sustainable improvements by working with their unique value delivery contexts and focusing on mindset, culture, and leadership. Companies also invite Gil for specialized support, such as strategic mapping of their improvement journey, facilitation of organizational mindset workshops, and keynotes for internal conferences. He is the author of four highly acclaimed books: Deliver Better Results, The Agile Mind-Set, The Human Side of Agile, and Agile for Non-Software Teams. He lives in Toronto, Canada. Follow Gil: LinkedIn – Website – Free Gift Download: Deliver Better Results - Chapter 1 – _____ Our Sponsors Manning Publications is a premier publisher of technical books on computer and software development topics for both experienced developers and new learners alike. Manning prides itself on being independently owned and operated, and for paving the way for innovative initiatives, such as early access book content and protection-free PDF formats that are now industry standard. Get a 45% discount for Tech Lead Journal listeners by using the code techlead45 for all products in all formats. Like this episode? Show notes & transcript: Follow @techleadjournal on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Buy me a coffee or become a patron.


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