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Atlan: Leveraging Founder-market Fit to Build a Global SaaS Brand

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9 Desember 2021

Prukalpa Sankar is on a quest to help ‘the humans of data’ do more. In 2019, she and Varun Banka launched Atlan, a powerful collaboration platform that helps teams made up of different people, jobs, and tools, work together to translate vast amounts of data into actionable insights. The two developed the idea for Atlan at their prior company, SocialCops, a data-for-good startup that partnered with the World Bank, and helped build India’s national data platform. In this episode of Moonshot, Prukulpa talks with Anandamoy Roychowdhary, a Principal at Sequoia India, about how her first-hand experience as a ‘human of data’ shaped the data leader she’s become today, the importance of making tough design choices early in your startup’s journey, and how empathy has been Atlan’s greatest competitive advantage in its mission to build a global SaaS brand and become the icon on the desktop for every data team.   Show Notes Building a collaborative workspace for ‘the humans of data’ (01:23) Unifying data teams on a single platform (04:44)  How empathy can be a huge competitive advantage (07:27) Leveraging data to build personal conviction (11:09) Driving impact through founder-market fit (18:50) Having the conviction to choose long-term goals over short-term wins (23:50) Rallying your team towards your mission with clear, effective communication (25:56) Focus on problems that are most likely to make you fail long-term (30:09) Building a global SaaS brand out of India (34:37) Driving decisions with conviction (41:17)


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