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AI-generated South Park, “Holy Grails” of AI & more with Sunny Madra | E1785

AI-generated South Park, “Holy Grails” of AI & more with Sunny Madra | E1785

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1 Agustus 2023

This Week in Startups is brought to you by… Embroker. The Embroker Startup Insurance Program helps startups secure the most important types of insurance at a lower cost and with less hassle. Save up to 20% off of traditional insurance today at While you’re there, get an extra 10% off using offer code TWIST. OpenPhone. Create business phone numbers for you and your team that work through an app on your smartphone or desktop. TWiST listeners can get an extra 20% off any plan for your first 6 months at Roots. Invest in the only real estate investment trust that creates wealth for you and its residents at * Today’s show: Sunny Madra joins Jason to discuss Fable Simulation's new AI showrunner (5:51), AI-powered note-takers and CRMs( 37:25), and more! * Time stamps: (00:00) Sunny Madra joins Jason (2:27) Using AI to analyze large datasets (5:51) The WGA strike and Fable Studios’ AI-generated South Park episode (12:29) Embroker - Use code TWIST to get an extra 10% off insurance at (13:45) AI-generated South Park continued (16:58) What is lost with AI and the Modern Seinfeld Twitter account (23:40) OpenPhone - Get 20% off your first six months at (25:10) The pace of innovation with RunwayML (31:06) Production studios sharing the wealth & alternative plans (36:00) Roots - Head to to sign up and start investing today! (37:25) Sunny showcases Folk app’s CRM (45:29) Sunny demos Circleback (51:32) Using Claude to break down an investor presentation and Sergey Brin back at Google * Follow Sunny: Check out Circleback: Check out Check out RunwayML: * Read LAUNCH Fund 4 Deal Memo: Apply for Funding: Buy ANGEL: Great recent interviews: Steve Huffman, Brian Chesky, Aaron Levie, Sophia Amoruso, Reid Hoffman, Frank Slootman, Billy McFarland, PrayingForExits, Jenny Lefcourt Check out Jason’s suite of newsletters: * Follow Jason: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: * Follow TWiST: Substack: Twitter: YouTube: * Subscribe to the Founder University Podcast:


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