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22 Mei 2023

What does it mean to love, and to be loved? - "Salvation" written by Clarisa Rebecca Winata, read by Karen Olivia. Read the full version here: Your affectionate hands caressed the heads of your beloveds The soft comforting whispers from your mouth calmed All the toil and turmoil which raged inside our hearts Or at least that's what I thought it was For it was my own hand which caressed my head And it was my own voice which calmed the toil and turmoil Those around me seem to feel your everlasting love Firmly believing it was you, you, and only you They keep telling me your love is universal and unconditional But it seems as if your love only penetrates the hearts of a few That particular notion refuses to leave my mind In the midst of voices talking about your universal love There are faint yet firm whispers being drowned in the noise Whispers of the forgotten truth, maybe your love is not so universal at all If it were true, then I had been deceiving myself like a fool My hand, was it yours? It was mine all along My voice, was it yours? It was mine all along Your love has never penetrated my heart Whether it's because I'm not worthy to be loved Or because I haven't softened my heart enough for your love to get through I don't care, I am done Your love is not for me There's no more reason for me to stay


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