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Ep95 - Roz Mays | Gym-timidation: How to Overcome It

Ep95 - Roz Mays | Gym-timidation: How to Overcome It

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16 Juni 2020

NASM certified Roz "The Diva" Mays has dedicated many late nights at the gym to becoming a stronger and healthier athlete. Pole dancing is her sport of choice, followed by TRX, strength & conditioning and flexibility. Among her finest contributions to the pole world has been creating Dangerous Curves: A Celebration of Plus Size Pole Dancers. The fitness industry's obsession with young, slender, and super strong athletes has alienated 99% of the general public, and pushed out the very people it seeks to inspire. This is why Roz 'The Diva' Mays has dedicated her 9-year fitness career to working with underrepresented athletes, including people of diverse sizes, abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Her missions are to (1) to give every person the confidence needed to live their best gym lives, and (2) pole dance for Beyonce. Moderated by Ajuna Kyaruzi. For more about Roz, visit and Visit to watch the video.


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