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134. Is Obesity a Disease? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

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134. Is Obesity a Disease? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

7 Februari 2022

Obesity is a major problem in countries all around the world. With billions of people living unhealthy lives, the consequences are very significant. Is obesity a disease? Or is it something else? Let's discuss it on today's episode of Thinking in English! TRANSCRIPT -- You may also like... 133. Why Is Indonesia Changing Capital City? (English Vocabulary Lesson) 132. Pros and Cons of Mandatory National Service! (English Vocabulary Lesson) 131. Tonga’s Volcanic Eruption Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson) 130. The Mystery Illness Affecting Western Diplomats!: What is Havana Syndrome? CONTACT ME INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast ( Blog - Vocabulary List Obese (adj) - extremely fat in a way that is dangerous for health She was not just overweight, she was obese To consider (v) - to believe someone or something to be, or think of him, her, or it as something He is considered to be the greatest ever tennis player Preventable (adj) - able to be prevented or stopped That company was investigated after numerous preventable accidents occurred. To impair (v) - to make it weaker so that it is less effective A knee injury impaired his chances of winning the tournament Imbalance (n) - a situation in which two things that should be equal or that are normally equal are not There is a huge economic imbalance between the two countries Inactive (adj) - doing nothing It’s bad for your health to be physically inactive To suffer (v) - to experience physical or mental pain She’s been suffering from cancer for two years Self-inflicted (adj) - if an injury or a problem is self-inflicted, you have caused it yourself Her injury was self-inflicted: she cut herself while cooking dinner


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