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What's It Like To Be A COVID-19 'Long Hauler'

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What's It Like To Be A COVID-19 'Long Hauler'

9 November 2020

That's what they call themselves: long-haulers. They've been sick for months. Many have never had a positive test. Doctors cannot explain their illness any other way, and can only guess at why the virus appears to be with them for so long. Ed Yong of The Atlantic explains what might be going on, and why their experience mirrors that of other sufferers with chronic illnesses who battle to be believed. We also spoke with Hannah Davis, a long-hauler from New York City. (Encore episode.) Read Ed's story on long-haulers here. Read more about the long haulers' research group here, read their report here, and join their support group here. Email the show at Learn more about sponsor message choices: NPR Privacy Policy


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