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#144 - Better Value Sooner Safer Happier - Jonathan Smart & Simon Rohrer

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#144 - Better Value Sooner Safer Happier - Jonathan Smart & Simon Rohrer

14 Agustus 2023

“The goal is not Agile. The goal is not DevOps. The goal is not Cloud. The goal is value, time to value, safety, happiness, and quality." Jonathan Smart and Simon Rohrer are the co-authors of “Sooner Safer Happier”. In this episode, Jon and Simon shared how we can deliver better outcomes in a more humane way of working, by delivering better value sooner, safer, and happier. They shared several principles, patterns, and anti-patterns described in the book, such as focusing on outcomes, the leadership as team number one, intelligent flow, creating alignment, and having the ability to unlearn and relearn.   Listen out for: Career Journey - [00:03:41] The Age of Digital - [00:06:29] Patterns & Anti-Patterns - [00:11:15] Better Value Sooner Safer Happier (BVSSH) - [00:13:18] Focus on Outcomes - [00:17:06] Empower the How - [00:19:28] Role of Leadership - [00:23:30] Leadership Team is Team #1 - [00:26:41] Intelligent Flow - [00:31:28] Stop Starting, Start Finishing - [00:34:43] Building Alignment - [00:36:48] Limited Velocity to Unlearn and Relearn - [00:40:10] 4 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:43:41] _____ Jonathan Smart’s Bio Jonathan Smart is co-founder and CEO of Sooner Safer Happier, a thought leader and a coach. He has been an agile and lean practitioner since the early 1990s and the lead author of the award winning and bestselling ‘Sooner Safer Happier: Patterns and Antipatterns for Business Agility’. He is also the founder of the Enterprise Agility Leaders Network, a member of the Programming Committee for the DevOps Enterprise Summit, a member of the Business Agility Institute Advisory Council, a guest speaker at London Business School, and speaks at numerous conferences a year. Simon Rohrer’s Bio Simon Rohrer has been a hands on practitioner across both software engineering and enterprise architecture for over twenty-six years, and has had a passion for agile software development since picking up the eXtreme Programming white book in 1999. He’s passionate about an eclectic and pragmatic approach to modern ways of working, incorporating lean, agile, systems thinking, DevOps and other principles and practices at the right pace and in a human context in enterprises, typically with a legacy of existing technology and a drive to do things better. Follow Jonathan and Simon: Jonathan Smart’s LinkedIn – Simon Rohrer’s LinkedIn – Website – Slack – _____ Our Sponsors Are you looking for a new cool swag? Tech Lead Journal now offers you some swags that you can purchase online. These swags are printed on-demand based on your preference, and will be delivered safely to you all over the world where shipping is available. Check out all the cool swags available by visiting And don't forget to brag yourself once you receive any of those swags. Like this episode? Show notes & transcript: Follow @techleadjournal on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Buy me a coffee or become a patron.


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