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Ep. 1236 - An Epidemic Of False Accusations

Ep. 1236 - An Epidemic Of False Accusations

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4 Oktober 2023

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, there is an epidemic of false accusations in this country. The lives of innocent people are destroyed based on fabricated stories of racism, sexual harassment, or other sins. Recently we've seen two of the most egregious cases. We'll talk about them. Also, Kevin McCarthy is kicked out of his job as a Speaker of the House. LA county officially abolishes cash bail in most cases. And yet another far left activist falls victim to violent crime. We'll talk about the very important, potentially life-saving lesson we can learn from these incidents. All of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show.   Ep.1236   - - -     Click here to join the member exclusive portion of my show:     - - -    DailyWire+:   Become a DailyWire+ member to watch shows, documentaries, movies, and more :   Get your Jeremy’s Razors products here:   Represent the Sweet Baby Gang by shopping my merch here:    - - -    Today’s Sponsors:   ExpressVPN - Get 3 Months FREE of ExpressVPN:    Grand Canyon University - Find your purpose at Grand Canyon University:   - - -   Socials:   Follow on Twitter:   Follow on Instagram:   Follow on Facebook:   Subscribe on YouTube:


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