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77. How do you make people have more children? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

15 Menit

77. How do you make people have more children? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

17 Mei 2021

In this episode of Thinking in English, I want to talk about declining populations! In many wealthy countries, fewer children are being born, which could have serious social and economic consequences in the future. So, how do you make people have more children? TRANSCRIPT - CONTACT US!! INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast ( Twitter - @thinkenglishpod Blog - Gmail - Vocabulary List To anticipate (v) - to imagine or expect something will happen We don’t anticipate any trouble To shrink (v) - to become smaller Your sweater will shrink if you wash it at too high a temperature fertility (n) - the quality of being able to produce young or have children She was prescribed fertility drugs to help her have children contraception (n) - any of the various methods intended to prevent a woman becoming pregnant The clinic offers free contraception Innovation (n) - a new idea or method, or the use of new ideas and methods He is selling the latest innovation in computer technology Affordable (adj) - not expensive They sell very affordable clothes Flexible (adj) - able to change or be changed easily according to the situation My schedule is very flexible! Immigration (n) - the act of someone coming to live in a different country Immigration increased by 25% last year


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