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131. Tonga’s Volcanic Eruption Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

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131. Tonga’s Volcanic Eruption Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

24 Januari 2022

On January 15th, a massive volcanic eruption in Tonga sprayed lava, dust, and ash around the region and sent tsunami waves across the ocean. What is the situation in Tonga now? Why was the eruption so powerful? What will happen next? Let's discuss it on today's episode of Thinking in English!! TRANSCRIPT - You may also like... 130. The Mystery Illness Affecting Western Diplomats!: What is Havana Syndrome? 129. Do Language Learning Apps Work?: Duolingo, Memrise, Babbel, and more! 128. Should Novak Djokovic be Allowed to Stay in Australia? (English Vocabulary Lesson) 127. What is Happening in Kazakhstan?: Massive Protests Explained (English Vocabulary Lesson) CONTACT ME INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast ( Blog - Vocabulary List Eruption (n) - the noun refers to a volcano exploding, shooting out hot rocks and burning substances The eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 was the potentially the loudest sound in history Ash (n) - the soft, grey or black, powdery substance left after burning something You have to clear the ash out of the fireplace To trigger (v) - to cause something to start Caffeine can trigger headaches in some people Devastating (adj) - causing a lot of damage or destruction Satellite images show the devastating impact of earthquakes Lava (n) - the hot liquid the comes out of the earth through a volcano, or the solid rock formed when it cools Lava can flow down the side of a volcano and destroy anything in its way Magma (n) - liquid hot rock found just below the surface of the earth The volcano’s magma chamber is quickly filling up Vaporisation (n) - process of turning, or causing something to turn, from a solid or liquid into gas The vaporisation of liquids occurs when they are heated to their boiling point


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