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Mamaearth: Building and Scaling Brands for Millennials

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13 Januari 2022

The quest to find safe, toxin-free, natural skincare for their baby led Varun and Ghazal Alagh to launch Mamaearth - Asia’s first MADE SAFE® certified brand of skin and body care products. In just four short years, the startup has disrupted India’s FMCG space by leveraging tech and innovation to help millennial consumers make natural, eco-friendly choices for their bodies. On this episode of Moonshot, Mamaearth’s Varun Alagh chats with Sequoia India Managing Director, Ishaan Mittal about the strengths of building a startup with your spouse, crafting a purpose-based brand through nano-marketing, and how founders can perfect their brand through purpose, quality, and consistency.   Show Notes A personal mission behind personal care products (1:50) Using the three Ps framework to bring your brand purpose to life (5:30) It's much easier to live with failure than to live with regret (13:15) The bedrock of a great founding team is trust (14:38) The benefit of starting a conversation with potential consumers (18:10) Be paranoid about quality (24:25) Disrupting FMCG incumbents with data and tech (25:32) Use your brand playbook to take on other markets (30:14) Perfecting your brand through purpose, quality and consistency (40:25)


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