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12. Even more US political vocabulary! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

17 Menit

12. Even more US political vocabulary! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

25 Oktober 2020

FULL TRANSCRIPT - On today’s episode, we will continue our series of episodes focusing on vocabulary to help you understand the US election! With less than two weeks left, there is no better time to learn some new political words! Contact us! INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast ( Twitter - @thinkenglishpod Blog: Gmail: VOCABULARY To compromise (v) - to accept that you will reduce your demands or change your opinion in order  to reach an agreement with someone Well, you want $400 and i say $300, so lets compromise on $350 Psychological (adj) - relating to the human mind and feelings We are concerned with the physical and psychological well-being of our employees uncompromisingly (adv) - in a way that is fixed and not changing, even when this may cause difficulties She was uncompromisingly hostile to him To drift (v) - to move slowly, especially as a result of outside forces, with no control over direction No one notices that the boat had begun to drift out to sea irrelevant (adj) - not related to what is being discussed or considered and therefore not important These documents are largely irrelevant to the present investigation To bear (v) - to have or continue to have something The stone plaque bearing his name was smashed to pieces interpretation (n) - an explanation or opinion of what something means The rules are vague and open to interpretation To opt (v) - to make a choice, especially of one thing or possibly instead of others Mike opted for early retirement To funnel (v) - to send something directly and intentionally No one knows who has been funneling weapons to the rebels


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