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Spice Up Your English Vocabulary With This English Vocabulary Lesson Ep 598

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Spice Up Your English Vocabulary With This English Vocabulary Lesson Ep 598

12 Desember 2022

Learn The Words You Need To Become An Interesting Communicator Want to make your English conversations more interesting? Check out this fun English vocabulary lesson that will teach you how to  spice up your vocabulary. Let’s be frank, no one wants to be monotonous  or appear dull! So how do we progress from having a restricted yet  functional English lexicon to a thrilling one? Simple, we pick out the  terms we are likely to use the most in day-to-day dialogue and we learn  their equivalents. For instance, in lesson 498 we took the word “Good”,  which you would likely use frequently while talking in English,  and we expanded it into an exciting list of alternative words. Today we  do the same for the adjective “Big”, and as usual we will give lots of  interpretations and examples to help you determine when to use the  substitutes best! To improve your spoken English fluency so you  sound more like a native English speaker. You need to expand your  knowledge and understanding of the English language. This means you need  to expand your English vocabulary. Smart English language learners  focus on high frequency English words when learning to speak English.  20% of the effort gets you 80% of the benefits! ✔Lesson transcript: This  approach can result in a limited range of words to use in your  conversations. You can still make yourself understood and you can convey  your ideas most of the time, but every now and again, you will hit  problems. We talked about this efficient approach to learning vocabulary  in lesson 597.  For some language learners, this can lead to another problem. Using  this approach, you can get too comfortable, you get used to working with  a smaller range of words. It’s practical, and it works, but it can be a  little boring for people who are listening to you. If you feel we have helped you please consider supporting us Putting time and effort into learning new, more engaging English words will: Make your conversations more interesting, which will increase your confidence in speaking and communicating in English. Demonstrate that you have a good understanding of English so you make a good impression in a professional setting. Allow you to engage more effectively in conversations with native English speakers. Help you recognize and understand unfamiliar words and phrases, aiding in comprehension of more complex conversations. To increase your understanding of English grammar, pronunciation, and sentence structure. Overall,  using more difficult English words can be a great asset when speaking  or writing in English. It can help you sound more professional and  knowledgeable, and can also help to make your writing more engaging.


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