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Eruditus: Powering Growth With An A-plus Team

Eruditus: Powering Growth With An A-plus Team

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22 Oktober 2021

Eruditus, which has partnered with prestigious universities like Harvard, MIT Sloan, Columbia and Cambridge to deliver online executive education courses, scaled by building deep relationships with universities over many years – and by making hiring a number one priority. The company, which was founded in Mumbai in 2010, currently serves students from over 80 countries in multiple languages.  In this episode of Moonshot, Eruditus co-founder and CEO Ashwin Damera chats with Sequoia India Managing Director GV Ravishankar about why playing the long game is crucial to his business, the need to have founder-startup fit, and why it's so important to hire A-plus talent.   Show Notes Patience, faith and perseverance: The path to an enduring company (5:42) Knowing when to let go: Lessons from Travelguru (09:01) Go after big ideas and large opportunities (12:03) Assessing founder-market fit at every stage of the company (21:44) To build a great company, hire A-Plus people (28:47) Why you should never make trade-offs when hiring (34:00) Focus on input metrics for hiring and managing people (37:28) A great culture is key to retaining top talent (38:16)


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