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16. Should we have the right to die? (English Vocabulary Lesson

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16. Should we have the right to die? (English Vocabulary Lesson

4 November 2020

On today’s episode, we will discuss the question should euthanasia or assisted suicide be legal? With New Zealand recently voting in support of an euthanasia  law, we will look at some of the arguments and debates surrounding the issue! Transcript!! - CONTACT US!! INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast ( Twitter - @thinkenglishpod GMAIL: BLOG: VOCABULARY LIST referendum (n) - a vote in which all the people in a country or area are asked to give their opinion about or decide an important political or social question A nationwide referendum will be held to decide the issue deliberately (adv) - intentionally; on purpose He did it deliberately to annoy me To relieve (v) - to make an unpleasant feeling, such as pain or worry, less strong She was give painkillers to relieve the pain Suffering (n) - physical or mental pain that a person or animal is feeling War causes widespread human suffering terminal (of a disease or illness) (adj) - leading to gradual death She has terminal cancer Compassionate (adj) - showing a strong feeling of sympathy and sadness for the suffering or bad luck of others and a wish to help them The public’s response to the crisis appeal was generous and compassionate dignity (n) - calm, serious, and controlled behaviour that makes people respect you I think everyone should be able to die with dignity Burden (n) - something difficult or unpleasant that you have to deal with or worry about My elderly mother worries that she is a burden to me Physician (n) - a medical doctor, especially one who has general skill and is not a surgeon My brother is a physician incompatible (adj) - not able to exist or work with another person or thing because of basic differences Maintaining high quality is incompatible with increasing output Comprehension Questions Q.What country voted in support of euthanasia recently? A.New Zealand Q.What is the euthanasia law called in that country? A.End of Life Choice Act the American Medical Association for or against euthanasia? A.Against


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