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This is how ZOA Energy Co-Founder Dany Garcia chooses projects

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This is how ZOA Energy Co-Founder Dany Garcia chooses projects

5 Oktober 2023

Dany Garcia, Co-Founder of LinkedIn 2023 Top Startup ZOA Energy, is a committed multi-hyphenate. In addition to ZOA, she's a founder of Seven Bucks Productions, lifestyle brand GSTQ, and co-owner of the XFL alongside her business partner, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. In this episode of #ThisIsWorking the Podcast, Dan Roth and Nina Melendez dig into takeaways from Dan's recent interview with Dany. They talk about what goes into building terrific teams, why relating to your audience is key to growth, and how being the unique person in the room can feel like a shortcoming, but it's actually a superpower. Dan also shares a powerful lesson on why supporting others is a much better choice than than being snarky. To watch Dan's full interview with Dany Garcia, click here. You can also learn more about LinkedIn's Top Startups list of 2023 and see LinkedIn's former CEO Jeff Weiner's approach to team building. Got questions you want to hear our This is Working hosts ask? Share a post or comment on LinkedIn using the hashtag #ThisIsWorking, or drop us a line. You can reach us at Follow Dany Garcia, Dan Roth and Nina Melendez on LinkedIn, and subscribe to the This is Working newsletter here:


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