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29. China Lands on the Moon: Are we on the Verge of a New Space Race? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

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29. China Lands on the Moon: Are we on the Verge of a New Space Race? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

3 Desember 2020

On today’s episode we are going to discuss the news that China has landed another probe on the surface of the moon. The Chinese mission intends to collect rock samples to bring back to Earth; the first time this will happen for over 40 years. Why is China interested in space exploration? Are we on the verge of a new space race? What is the scientific importance of moon rocks? We’ll look at all these questions and more on today’s episode! TRANSCRIPT: Contact Us!! INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast ( Twitter - @thinkenglishpod Blog - Gmail - Vocabulary Ensuing (adj) - happening after something and because of it An argument broke out and in the ensuing fight someone got hurt Proxy war (n) - a war fought between groups or smaller countries that each represent the interests of other larger powers, and may have help and support from these The USA and USSR fought a proxy war in Korea Capability (n) - the ability to do something These tasks are beyond my capabilities Probe (n) - a small spacecraft, with no one travelling in it, sent into space to make measurements and send back information to scientists on earth There is currently a space probe heading towards the sun! To analyse (v) - to study or examine something in detail, in order to discover more about it Researchers analysed the purchases of 6300 households Volcanic (adj) - of, or relating to, or made by a volcano They were not expecting the volcanic eruption Overdrive (n) - a state of great activity, effort, or hard work The cast of the play was in overdrive rehearsing for the first performance Lunar (adj) - of or relating to the moon The lunar eclipse was beautiful Comprehension Questions Q. How much material does the Chinese probe hope to bring back to Earth? A. about 2kg Q. Where on the moon is China planning to land? A. Close to an area known as Mons Rümker Q. What private companies are involved in space exploration? A. Space-X, Virgin Galactic, and Boeing


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