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 MENGENAL LAO TZU / LAOZI 老子 / 太上老君, Tàishàng Lǎojūn

MENGENAL LAO TZU / LAOZI 老子 / 太上老君, Tàishàng Lǎojūn

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5 November 2023

Ahi Filsafat yang mampu mengubah pemikiran dunia & mengajarkan cita kasih. , Thank you for watching this video, don't forget to subscribe on my channel so you will know our updates. . . 🟠 Like my work? 🟠 If you like my videos, you can support my Youtube journey by buying me a coffee any coffee between USD 1-5 is very much appreciated! 🙏 . . 🟠 Join member? 🟠 Let us know each other through membership, we can chitchat thru live streaming . . 🙋♀️SAY HI ON SOCIAL MEDIA!🙋♀️ Instagram Intan.Dynasty Email; [email protected] . . 🎥Check out my other videos!🎥 Transistions of dynasties in China from pre historic until republic (Basic Knowledge)


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