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32. The Oxford Dictionary Words of the Year 2020! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

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32. The Oxford Dictionary Words of the Year 2020! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

10 Desember 2020

Today, i want to introduce you to some of the Oxford English Dictionary’s 2020 words of the year. For the first time ever, the Oxford Dictionary was unable to choose one single standout word from the previous 12 months. Instead, as a consequence of the unprecedented events of 2020, they have highlighted a number of highly significant developments in our vocabulary! So I’m going to introduce you to some of the words and phrases included in the “Word of the Year” report! TRANSCRIPT -- CONTACT US!! INSTAGRAM - thinkinginenglishpodcast ( Twitter - @thinkenglishpod Blog - Gmail - Vocabulary List Unprecedented (adj) - never having happened or existed in the past This century has witnessed environmental destruction on an unprecedented level Prominent (adj) - very well known and important He is a prominent politician in his country Lexicographer (n) - a person whose job is to write dictionaries My friend wants to be a lexicographer momentous (adj) - very important because of effects on future events Whether or not to move overseas was a momentous decision for the family To encompass (v) - to include different types of things The festival is to encompass everything from music, theatre, and ballet to literature, cinema, and the visual arts Linguistic (adj) - connected with language or the study of language She is researching the linguistic development of young children Epidemiologist (n) - someone who studies diseases and how they are found, spread, and controlled in groups of people They are epidemiologists studying the causes of diseases To impeach (v) - to make a formal statement saying that a public official is guilty of a serious offence in connection with their job, especially in the US The governor was impeached for wrongful use of state money


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