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S18 E3: (2/7) [Karissa] Just Vibing

S18 E3: (2/7) [Karissa] Just Vibing

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5 Oktober 2023

*Content warning: sexual assault, rape, pregnancy loss, infant loss, miscarriage, DNC, stillbirth, birth trauma, medical trauma, false reporting, fraud, medical fraud, Factitious Disorder, psychological and physical violence, false pregnancy, hysterectomy, and death. *Sources: Katie Nelson on TikTok, Part 1 Katie Nelson on TikTok, Part 2 Kaitlyn Braun is Arrested via CHCH News Doulas Feel Traumatized via Castanet News Free + Confidential Resources + Safety Tips:  SWW Merch:  Follow Something Was Wrong on IG: Follow Tiffany Reese on IG: Artwork by the amazing Sara Stewart: @GreaterThanOkay - See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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