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Pitbull: “Anything you love you have to fight for.”

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Pitbull: “Anything you love you have to fight for.”

25 April 2024

You may know this week’s guest by many names. Mr. 305, Mr. Worldwide, or more likely, the one and only Pitbull. Yes, the Grammy winning superstar, education advocate and entrepreneur sat down with Bob for a live conversation in his native Miami at the POSSIBLE conference. Before gaining all his titles, Pitbull was simply Armando Christian Pérez, a kid soaking up the colorful cultures of his city. Growing up, he was exposed to diverse, bustling, and at times unstable environments on the streets of Miami. Yet despite any hardship, Pitbull credits his city with giving him the skills to succeed in music and business. In fact, he’s leveraged his creativity and keen business sense to develop a number of independent ventures, including creating his own record label, Mr. 305, Inc., co-owning the Trackhouse NASCAR racing team and creating the Voli 305 vodka brand. Plus, he uses his international superstardom to give back to his community. Through SLAM! Charter schools, Pitbull is revolutionizing education and giving kids in underrepresented communities the opportunities he didn’t have. Listen to hear about these endeavors and more, and stay tuned to learn how he got the name Pitbull in the first place.  See for privacy information.


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