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Ep 9 - The Haunter of the Dark

16 Menit

Ep 9 - The Haunter of the Dark

16 Oktober 2023

Slide helps Kennedy and Ness crack the code. The women lead the way to Suffolk, and a house near Dunwich. The investigation is gathering pace. Three years on from The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and Heawood's disappearance at Pleasant Green, the Lovecraft Investigations are back and podcaster Kennedy Fisher is following new clues in Julian Simpson’s H P Lovecraft-inspired universe. Cast: Kennedy Fisher - Jana Carpenter Matthew Heawood - Barnaby Kay Marcus Byron - Ben Crowe Victoria Ness - Catherine Kanter Slide - Ferdinand Kingsley Eleanor Peck - Nicolas Walker Written and directed by Julian Simpson Music composed by Tim Elsenburg Sound design: David Thomas Production Assistant: Ethan Elsenburg Producer: Sarah Tombling Executive Producer: Karen Rose A Sweet Talk production for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds


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