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S2E20 (English) Be determined|《制心 蔡志忠的微笑人生》

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S2E20 (English) Be determined|《制心 蔡志忠的微笑人生》

10 Oktober 2021

贊助連結: Follow me on Facebook: Good morning, the whole world. 吃飽沒?This is Max Juan speaking from Taiwan. The first podcast to speak Taiwanese and English.   早安,全世界!吃飽沒?我是來自台灣的麥克斯軟。第一個講台語和英語的雙語播客。 Today is Taiwan’s Double Tenth Day, and I’m honored to be able to launch a new episode on National Day. Wow, it’s also my honor to introduce this book. The book is called 《制心 蔡志忠的微笑人生》, the author is 蔡志忠, and this book is like his autobiography.  今天是台灣的雙十國慶,我很榮幸能夠在國慶日推出podcast新的一集。哇!今天也很榮幸介紹這本書。這本書叫《制心 蔡志忠的微笑人生》,作者是蔡志忠,這本書就像他的自傳。 Tsai is a well-known cartoonist who has created many famous cartoons, and he is also successful in many areas. He was born in Changhua in 1948, and he should be 73 years old now. When he was 4 years old, he found his way in life. When he was 12 years old, he was admitted to National Changhua Senior High School. By the way, I was also graduated from National Changhua Senior High School, but now the school system is different from before.  蔡志忠是著名的漫畫家,創作了許多著名的漫畫,在許多領域也取得了成功。他1948年出生在彰化,今年應該73歲了。 4歲那年,他找到了自己的人生道路。 12歲時考入國立彰化高級中學。順便一提,我也是國立彰化高中畢業的,但是現在的學制和以前不同了。 When Tsai was 15 years old, he went to Taipei and became a professional cartoonist. When he was 29, he started a cartoon company. Then he went to Japan to draw Chinese traditional philosophy into comics. He was also a bridge champion. He studied physics and Buddhism , and became a monk in 2020. 蔡志忠在15歲那年,他去了台北,成為了一名職業漫畫家。 29歲時,他創辦了一家卡通公司。後來他到日本,將中國傳統哲學畫成漫畫。他還是橋牌冠軍。他學習物理和佛教,並於2020年出家。 Hearing that there are so many legendary stories about Tsai, we would like to ask whether he has an extraordinary background? In fact, he was born in an ordinary family in the countryside of Taiwan. Although Tsai did not have a prominent family background, he knew his future life when he was 4 years old. His father gave him a small blackboard in order to teach him how to write. From then on, he knew that he would draw pictures for the rest of the life, because he painted well and he was happy to draw. It’s a big deal. Many people don’t know the purpose of life even they are old. 聽到蔡志忠有這麼多傳奇故事,不禁要問他是不是有著不凡的出身?事實上,他出生在台灣鄉下的一個普通家庭。蔡志忠雖然沒有顯赫的家庭背景,但在他4歲時就知道了自己的未來人生。父親送給他一塊小黑板,教他寫字。從那時起,他就知道自己會畫一輩子的畫,因為他畫得很好,畫得很開心。這是一件大事,許多人即使老了也不知道人生的目的。 You may think Tsai is a genius, and he is so lucky that he found his destiny when he was so young. What he inspired me most was that he never stop learning, never stop asking questions, and never stop searching answers. According to Tsai, he said that a teacher told him that learning is to learn and ask. As a result, if Tsai had any questions he didn’t understand, he would ask the teacher. All kinds of questions, including life, the universe, physics, and time. Although the teacher was not able to answer all the questions, Tsai was very grateful to the teacher. First, the teacher encouraged students to ask questions, then Tsai has learned a habit of finding answers by himself. 你可能認為蔡志忠是個天才,他太幸運了,在他年輕的時候就找到了自己的使命。他給我最大的啟發是他從不停止學習,從不停止提問,從不停止尋找答案。據蔡志忠說,有個老師告訴他,學習就是「要學」、「要問」。所以,蔡志忠有什麼不懂的,都會去問老師。各種問題,包括生命、宇宙、物理和時間。雖然老師沒能解答所有問題,但蔡老師很感激這位老師。首先,老師鼓勵學生提問,再來是蔡志忠養成了自己找答案的習慣。  I remembered that the first time I read Tsai’s comic books. When I was a junior high school student, I saw his comic books in the library. At that time, I didn’t know a lot of Chinese philosophies. I felt it was difficult, and these things were far away from me, but because It was a comic style, so I was interested, and I went to the library to borrow two Chinese Traditional Culture comics, “Zhuangzi Speaks: The Music of Nature”, ”The Dao Speaks:Whispers of Wisdom”. Although I didn’t fully understand what Zhuangzi and Laozi’s thoughts are, I felt that these knowledge are not very far away from me. The characters he drew were so cute.If I want, I can continue to study these philosophies, and there are many ways to learn. 記得第一次看到蔡志忠的漫畫,是我在國中的時候,在圖書館看到他的漫畫書。那時,我對中國的哲學了解不多。我覺得很難,這些東西離我很遠,但因為是漫畫風格,所以我很感興趣,就去圖書館借了兩本中國傳統文化漫畫《自然的簫聲-莊子說 》、《智者的低語-老子說》。雖然我不完全明白莊子和老子的思想,但我覺得這些知識離我並不遙遠。他畫的人物很可愛。如果我願意,我可以繼續研究這些哲學,還有很多方法可以學習。 Tsai believes that thinking must be ahead of effort, to find what you love, and to choose what you are good at to study. As long as everyone changes his thinking, everyone can be a hundred times better. We can actually achieve the highest efficiency through our own methods. If you determine your goal, you must act and make your dream come true. Thank you for listening today. Meet you on the air next time. Bye-bye. 蔡志忠認為,思考要先於努力,找到自己喜歡的,選擇自己擅長的去學習。只要每個人改變想法,每個人都可以比現在好一百倍。我們實際上可以通過我們自己的方法達到最高的效率。如果你確定了你的目標,你就必須行動起來,讓你的夢想成真。感謝您今天的聆聽。我們下次空中再相會。再見。 前奏用音樂: Re:PLAY 演唱: Julia Wu 吳卓源, 陳芳語, Jinbo  編曲: terrytyelee  作曲: terrytyelee, Julia Wu 吳卓源, 陳芳語, Jinbo, Elin Lee  製作: terrytyelee  發行: ChynaHouse  授權:  連結: Powered by Firstory Hosting


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