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Fan Favorite - "The Man in the Bowler Hat"

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Fan Favorite - "The Man in the Bowler Hat"

6 Juli 2023

This story is a fan favorite that was previously published as Episode 50. In the late 1800s, a very strange hotel was constructed in Chicago, Illinois. From the outside, it looked perfectly normal, but the inside of the hotel was anything but. Hallways were a maze of twists and turns, and there were trap doors, sliding walls and secret stairwells everywhere. But the shock factor of this hotel was part of its allure. Walking around and getting lost could actually be kind of thrilling. But, what guests didn't know was that every time they got lost in that hotel, they might never find their way out again... For 100s more stories like this one, check out my YouTube channel just called "MrBallen" -- If you want to reach out to me, contact me on Instagram, Twitter or any other major social media platform, my username on all of them is @MrBallen See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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