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A Thanksgiving Special Served up with Sara Fischer

24 Menit

A Thanksgiving Special Served up with Sara Fischer

24 November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, ADLANDIA! We're back with a Q4 serving of the latest ad industry headlines with Axios media reporter, Sara Fischer. There's much to talk about: the latest planning and buying decisions around scaled digital platforms like Facebook, automated advertising on traditional platforms, new ways to test creative, the collapse of the linear funnel and what to consider when investing budgets in 2019. Sara emphasizes the need for platforms to go digital, and what traditional channels show promise. Don't miss an all-new #KillBuyDIY where Sara bends the rules on what she's killing and (spoiler alert!) buys sports betting. Plus we discuss launching an ad industry book club (who wants in?!). We hope you enjoy this episode over your favorite leftovers.  Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.


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