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This Is A Initial REVIEW of Marvel Studios The Eternals!!!! #spoilers, #marvelstheeternals, #theblackknight, #theebonyblade, #blade, #endcreditsscene, #ikaris, #sersi, #druig, #sprite, #pipthetroll

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This Is A Initial REVIEW of Marvel Studios The Eternals!!!! #spoilers, #marvelstheeternals, #theblackknight, #theebonyblade, #blade, #endcreditsscene, #ikaris, #sersi, #druig, #sprite, #pipthetroll

6 Desember 2021

Hello and welcome all of you I assume MCU fans, to another crazy, never boring, always sort of interesting video on The MCU'S Bleeding Edge Youtube Channel/ Podcast, where we of course EAT and SLEEP F$$*ing Marvel Studios like its the best thing since sliced bread. Its Jeff ( TrueKnowledge) giving it a go once again with the moderation on this Review show, and the excellent guest panel we have here for this Eternals Review even makes Jeff sound and look like a potential Super Like candidate on Tinder!! We do our usual thing here with this Eternals First Crack review, which is give you our no BS opinions and thoughts on this gigantic film that Chloe Zhao gifted us with and my date fell asleep during at one point in the theater. We have people who love the movie on this show, we have people who thought it was boring as shit, and the discussion never gets repetitive or flat on this two hour program, it just keeps on giving and we hope that all of you in the fandom enjoy it, and dig us enough to subscribe to our Youtube Channel!!! We want that first 500 subs y'all!!! Shout out to everybody at the Geek News Now Network family and the GNN fandom!! We love being with Geek News Now and hope we can bring something different to the Network!! Shout out to our guests- Mark Radulich, the operator and host at the Radulich In Broadcasting Network, a part of W2M Network- Alexis, a frequent guest on the Radulich In Broadcasting Network and The Bleeding Edge- and Lord Death Man of The Podcast Of Champions.                                                                                                         Intro Music- " Light My Fire" by Fillmore                                                                          Co-hosted by Cyberneticshark and Jeff ( TrueKnowledge) with Jeff moderating on this episode and joined by guests in Alexis, Mark Radulich, and Lord Death Man.  Full Show Notes on, along with our MCU blog and full episodes of the podcast. is using a Mercase microphone with Skull Candy headphones, through an iPad Pro 2018, Jeff is using a AUDIO-TECHNICA ATR2100 usb microphone with dual Logitech Webcams( C920- C922) through a MacBook Pro. --- Send in a voice message:


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