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Ep. 1204 - Oliver Anthony And The Normal People Uprising

1 Jam, 7 Menit

Ep. 1204 - Oliver Anthony And The Normal People Uprising

14 Agustus 2023

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Oliver Anthony went from totally unknown to a famous singer performing for a crowd of thousands in the span of less than a week. Now, as expected, the media has set to work attacking him. Also, Joe Biden has "no comment" for the dozens of people who died from the wildfires in Hawaii. The full content of the Obama letter where he confesses to his gay fantasies has been revealed. Vivek Ramaswamy performs a rap song at the Iowa State Fair. And a media outlet tries to debunk one of my monologues from last week.   Ep.1204   - - -     Click here to join the member exclusive portion of my show:     - - -    DailyWire+:   Become a DailyWire+ member to watch shows, documentaries, movies, and more :   Get Your Jeremy’s Hand Soap here:   Represent the Sweet Baby Gang by shopping my merch here:    - - -    Today’s Sponsors:   Helix - 20% OFF all mattress orders + 2 FREE Pillows.   Innovation Refunds - Learn more about Innovation Refunds at    40 Days for Life - Help defend free speech today!   - - -   Socials:   Follow on Twitter:   Follow on Instagram:   Follow on Facebook:   Subscribe on YouTube:


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