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Artist Damien Hirst issues his own ‘Currency’

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Artist Damien Hirst issues his own ‘Currency’

15 Juli 2021

The chair of the Federal Reserve, Jay Powell, sought to ease concerns in Congress about the Federal Reserve’s response to surging  inflation, the assassination of Haiti’s president Jovenel Moïse last week has plunged the poorest nation in the Americas deeper into chaos, and British artist Damien Hirst yesterday launched his NFT-based project, entitled “The Currency”, that calls into question notions of worth and value and presents his buyers with a choice. Jay Powell says Fed ready to intervene if US inflation spirals out of control Haiti’s ‘descent into hell’ looms closer after death of president with Michael Stott, Latin America Editor Damien Hirst launches his own NFT ‘Currency’ by Jan Dalley, Arts Editor The FT News Briefing is produced by Fiona Symon and Marc Filippino. The show’s editor is Jess Smith. Our intern is Zoe Han. Additional help by Gavin Kallmann, Michael Bruning, and Persis Love. The show’s theme song is by Metaphor Music. The FT’s global head of audio is Cheryl Brumley.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


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