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Learn English Fluency Faster-The Power Of Self-Explanation Ep 699

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Learn English Fluency Faster-The Power Of Self-Explanation Ep 699

4 Desember 2023

Why Self-Explanation Technique Is A Must For Learning English Language 💡 Study smarter and speed up learning to speak #englishfluently! Discover a groundbreaking technique that will transform your #languagelearning journey. Are you ready to learn how 'Self-Explanation' can improve your English skills? Stay tuned to upgrade your learning experience! Reasons to Join the Lesson: 🌐 Global Perspective: Embrace English in the context of UK education and culture. 📈 Rapid Progress: Experience a steep learning curve with our study tips and methods. 💬 Active Speaking: Improve spoken English skills through practice and recall. 🧠 Enhanced Recall: Master the Self-Explanation technique for lasting language retention. 🔎 Focus on Fluency: Develop true fluency with tailored lessons for all levels. 🎧 Audio-Based Learning: Immerse yourself in English with our audio lessons. 👥 Community Support: Join a community of learners on the same journey as you. "Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom." Oprah Winfrey ✔Lesson transcript: Think of it like this: each time you use 'Self-Explanation', you’re building a bridge in your mind, making it easier to recall and use new English phrases and vocabulary. It’s about making English a part of your thinking, not just a language you study. This method turns passive listening into an active, engaging process, helping you not only understand but also speak English more naturally. "The only source of knowledge is experience." Albert Einstein Join us as we explore practical techniques like retrieval, blurting, and critical thinking to enhance your #englishspeaking skills. Every step on this journey brings you closer to fluency.


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