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Ep. 473 - The Media Openly Roots Against America

Ep. 473 - The Media Openly Roots Against America

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24 April 2020

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media continues to openly root against the United States, which is something they’ve been doing for decades, of course, but it’s been even more grotesque during this crisis. Also Five Headlines including a whole bunch of congressmen who need to be reported for not social distancing correctly. And today in our Daily Cancellation, I cancel everyone. It’s time. It needs to be done. Check out The Cold War: What We Saw, a new podcast written and presented by Bill Whittle at In Part 1 we peel back the layers of mystery cloaking the Terror state run by the Kremlin, and watch as America takes its first small steps onto the stage of world leadership. Just head on over to That’s, coupon code WALSH, and get the rarest of all beverage vessels, times two. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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