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Episode 332 - Jean-Claude Romand: Doubling Down

Episode 332 - Jean-Claude Romand: Doubling Down

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25 Januari 2024

Prospect medical student turned slacker spree-killer is hardly a normal turn of events. Yet Jean-Claude Romand managed to throw his entire life away by simply doing nothing. No school, no job, and no income, all propped up by a tower of ever increasing lies. A secret life spanning over thirty years, and ending in the deaths of his wife, their two children, both his parents, and their family dog, all to avoid telling the truth.  This is what happens when you tell that one little lie, and never stop doubling down. Exclusive bonus content: Wondery - Ad-free & ShortHand Patreon - Ad-free & Bonus Content  Follow us on social media: YouTube TikTok Instagram X Visit our website: Website Sources available on See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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